HP: +6012-205 2968
OFFICE: +603-5101 9115
FAX: +603-5103 5158

Design Capabilities

Oneness Purification has in-house experience and expertise to engineer all aspects of seawater and wastewater system with full-time application/project engineers on staff in the engineering department. All general arrangement drawings, flow schematics, detailed shop drawings as well as electrical schematics ladder drawings and electrical panel drawings and layouts are done in-house.


HP: +6012-205 2968

+603-5101 9115

FAX: +603-5103 5158


Oneness Purifications Sdn Bhd focuses on providing innovative technology with the necessary in-house support required for a complete and reliable industrial system. Various alternative technologies can be combined into a complete turnkey system or used as stand-alone equipment to ensure optimum results for any industrial water treatment application.
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