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TORAY began producing spiral-wound reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane elements in 1968, first using cellulose acetate membrane material. Today, our product line includes a full range of state-of-the-art cross-linked polyamide composite membranes manufactured under ISO-9001 certification for consistency in product and service quality. BRACKISH WATER Toray RO membranes (available in 4-inch, 8-inch, and 16-inch diameters) are used for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications. For individual membrane selection by application or membrane type, please use the membrane product search feature. SEA WATER Toray manufactures seawater RO membranes in 4, 8, and 16-inch diameters that can treat seawater or high salinity water sources with > 10,000 ppm. Our products are widely used for mega desalination plants, watermakers for private boats and commercial ships, and treating mining tailing water for reuse or discharge. FOULING POTENTIAL WATER Toray's low fouling RO membranes effectively treat feed water types with high fouling tendency. Combined with our proprietary durable ''D-family'' membrane recipe for enhanced chemical tolerance, Toray's membrane elements offer one of the most reliable performance under challenging conditions. Ideal for wastewater treatment and water reuse applications. SPARE PARTS Find spare parts for Toray's membrane elements that are needed to properly and safely operate your membrane treatment system. read more
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Description  DEQUEST® SPE is a multifunctional antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and Electro-dialysis Reversal (EDR) systems. It is highly effective in preventing calcium carbonate scale on membrane surfaces. Besides its excellent calcium carbonate scale inhibition DEQUEST® SPE is effectively controlling calcium sulphate, calcium fluoride and metal oxides scale. DEQUEST® SPE has approvals from major membrane manufacturers. DEQUEST® SPE is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for the production of potable water by reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and EDR systems. Application  The dosage level of DEQUEST® SPE is dependent on the quality of the feedwater and the saturation indices of the various scales forming species present in the concentrated brine. Recommended injection point is into the feedwater, downstream of any filtration equipment and cartridge filters. read more
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3-in-1 energy recovery device The 3-in-1 Energy Recovery Device (ERD) optimized for sea water reverse osmosis applications. With iSave you get pressure exchanger, booster pump and motor integrated into one compact unit for high efficiency and short pay-back time. The small footprint of iSave makes it a popular solution when the space is limited. When fitted with iSave, the Danfoss APP pumps produce more fresh water per square meter than any other system in the market. iSave can be used in almost any SWRO application – land-based or marine, new or retrofit. The 3-in-1 design allows fast commissioning, continuous monitoring of performance and easy regulation to accommodate seasonal changes. Other isobaric devices have been known to cause over-spin and over-flushing that lead to poor process control and low efficiency. This is avoided with the active control possibilities offered by the iSave technology. iSave captures hydraulic energy from the high pressure reject stream of the SWRO process and transfers the energy back into the system, drastically reducing the energy consumption regardless of flow rate and size of your SWRO system. Besides substantial energy savings, the iSave ERD also cuts capital expenditure by reducing high-pressure pump size, number of pipes and components thanks to its integrated design. Features and benefits Extensive application know-how Competitive efficiency rates Compact – pressure exchanger, pump and motor in one unit Easy and service-friendly design Simple and reliable with high uptime Short pay-back time Wherever simplicity and space matter, iSave's 3-in-1 design makes energy recovery as easy as it is efficient. iSave's unique design puts three key components of isobaric energy recovery exactly where they belong: right next to each other. So now engineers can configure RO systems that are simpler, smaller and easier to operate – not least in tight places like containers. When installed with compact APP high-pressure pumps, the Danfoss pump-and-ERD package produces more fresh water per square meter than any other system on the market. read more
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Compact, simple and energy efficient pumps Danfoss APP pumps are designed for Reverse Osmosis. The high-pressure pumps have versatile applications in land-based, marine or offshore plants. The APP pumps provide unsurpassed efficiency and great flexibility for configuration. The simple construction of the axial piston pump with fewer parts allows highly reliable operation with long service intervals and easy maintenance. The Danfoss APP pumps are available in various sizes from 0.6 m3/h to 86 m3/h for use in small and medium-sized SWRO facilities Features and benefits Extensive application know-how Highest efficiency rates in the industry Compact and small – half size of competing pumps Long time between service intervals Easy and service-friendly design Simple and reliable with high uptime Short pay-back time How it works Advanced hydraulics and materials know how The Danfoss Group has pioneered axial piston pump technology in challenging hydraulics applications that have been field tested for over 40 years. Today, Danfoss High Pressure Pumps puts this expertise to work for SWRO. With more than 15 patents, very small tolerances that are counted in microns – and world-class production know-how in Duplex, Super Duplex and carbon-reinforced PEEK –Danfoss designs and produces the most advanced axial piston pumps available for SWRO. Ideal for parallel trains that are easy to scale Danfoss APP pumps are the preferred system builders and OEMs who want SWRO systems with built-in redundancy and modular scalability. Whether the parallel trains are in separate skids or individual containers, APP pumps are easy to configure. Their compact footprint and simplified connections require no frames or belt drives – and can be installed either vertically or horizontally – also in very tight places. read more
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